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Let’s see. Snaps Chat About six or seven years ago I was a pretend professional photographer. I say pretend because despite having a website and advertising and taking on a few clients, I mostly stayed in my apartment. Once I decided to stop pretending photography was my job, I decided to stop taking pictures, too. …

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The Weird AF Commercials of Scott Thomason

The Weird AF Scott Thomason Commercials

Scott Thomason was a minor celebrity in 90s Portland, but not just for his car dealership. Sure, everyone knew the slogan ‘If you don’t come see me today, I can’t save you any money.’ But he was also known for being a dick. Shoddy business practices and even a hit-and-run (!!) eventually forced him to …

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#12for12stories: One Last Visit

Ghosts by Lauri Heikkinen

I remember the elevator always smelled like cigarettes. Jas would wrinkle her nose when we stepped inside. It was cute. Standing outside her door now, I can picture us stumbling home. Drunkenly opening the door to her apartment, stepping inside, tripping over one another. How we made it to the bed with most of our …

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Should I Netflix It? Monsters

Should I Netflix It? Monsters - These Are Comics Blog!

Monsters owes a lot to Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds, and The Mist. It decides to steer away from focus on the creatures and focus on the people. An interesting choice, but unfortunately the people aren’t that interesting. The premise is a bit goofy, but forgivable. A space probe crash lands in Mexico. The …

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Ri-DISH-ulous: Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes en masse

Think back. What do you love about Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the turkey and stuffing? The warmth of your family close by your side? Do you love the conversation and reminiscing? I also love those things. But if I had to pick my favorite thing about Thanksgiving, it would have to be the mashed potatoes. …

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#12for12stories: Cousin Johnathan

#12for12stories: Cousin Johnathan

As you may or may not know, I am participating in a challenge to write one short story every month. I am taking this opportunity to exercise my craft of writing short horror fiction. That being said, this is a horror story and some of you may not be into that sort of thing. If …

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Should I Netflix It? Ravenous

Should I Netflix It? Ravenous - These Are Comics Blog!

Ravenous screenplay writer Ted Griffin cites the story of Alfred Packer – as recounted in Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man – and the Donner Party as inspiration for this film. It also briefly, and barely, mentions the Native American myth of the Wendigo. If that sounds like the makings of a muddled story punctuated with …

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Ri-DISH-ulous: Macaroni au Gratin et Wieners

There’s still a lot of snow on the ground where I live. I used to hate the snow. Every winter was like a challenge to remain standing and dry over a task as simple as walking to the store. This year was different. For one, I’ve been able to keep my feet underneath me. (Save …

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Should I Netflix It? – The Watcher

Should I Netflix It? The Watcher - These Are Comics Blog!

The Watcher has everything going for it. Good plot, good pacing, decent acting. It’s a slow-burning mystery with great moments of horror. Unfortunately, all the suspension it built up leads to a unsatisfying end. The final moments deflate all the carefully constructed tension. I promise, there are no spoilers. The story goes like this: an …

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#12for12stories: Here Again

#12for12stories: Here Again

Howard knew it was too late in the season to start digging holes in his backyard. The Wisconsin winter left the turf solid as a granite slate. He cursed himself. The incoming snow would have covered the fresh holes if he started earlier. Now he could only hope nothing looked out of place should anyone …